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Lauro Diaz for Sheriff - My promises to you….

Once I’m elected as your Sheriff, I will make changes that guarantee the improvement of communities within Palm Beach County by making sure that all voices are heard. Rest assured that I will always keep you up to date in
accordance with my belief in transparency and my campaign promise “Citizens Before Politics”.
I will remain committed to the citizenry of Palm Beach County. We are committed to the inclusion of diversity within all ranks/civilians in the Sheriff’s Office. We will actively seek to increase awareness of the Sheriff’s Office
demographics to reflect the community through executive staff inclusion, qualified employees, education incentives, and mentoring.
I will remain committed to the Community Policing Philosophy, which is the cornerstone of a healthy community-police relationship. Deputies will have an active role as community policing officers, concentrating on crime prevention,
problem-solving crime issues, mental illness, drug addiction, and other social challenges, always keeping in mind that our goal is to improve the Sheriff’s Office's relationship with the community.
I will be fiscally accountable by ensuring that my tax dollars are responsibly spent on programs that improve the safety and quality of life for all citizens.
I will pay close attention to citizens’ concerns and will continue to practice transparency as long as I am in office.
I have achieved a Master’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have also graduated from the prestigious School of Drug Commanders and the School of
Dignitary Protection Commanders in Washington, DC., both of which I promise to use to help create or improve community programs and protect all citizens, including dignitaries, that visit our beautiful county.
During my 36 years as a police officer, I have strived for self-improvement. I held positions as Deputy Chief of Police, Road Patrol Officer, Uniformed Sergeant, Detective, Lieutenant, and Captain of both uniformed and non-uniformed units including the
Command Center, 911 Emergency Coordinator, and all Police Operations. I promise to bring all of my knowledge, training, and experience to the Sheriff’s Office to make it a world-class Sheriff’s Office that EVERYONE can be proud of.
I have excellent negotiation and public relations skills. I’m highly qualified to collaborate with stakeholders within the law enforcement community as well as community leaders. I promise to use these skills to help improve our
communities and protect everyone. I pledge to practice inclusion for all people, always.
I genuinely hope that you take the time to review my record and background as a human being and a police officer. After that, please join us by clicking on the “Donate” button here on our website to help us make the changes
needed at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and then please click on the “Volunteer” tab to help us spread the word.

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